The logic

Why apply diversification theory to start ups?
It would be a far better outcome if you put your capital into a commercially validated healthtech company that will be launched into a large provider community.

Commercial validation before launching

We believe a high quality foundation management team
personally invested in the start up is the best form of seed capital.

our model has been developed from a proven track record in healthtech.
we focus on minimal cash expenditure during a validation phase to support a well qualified early stage company with third party costs and verification of commercial potential before progressing to a larger funding round if necessary.

Why get involved

We are currently connected to a community of over 11,500 providers around Australia
convering mental health, physical therapies, aged care, disability, home care, not for profit, franchised, corporate etc...

there are plenty of known ideas to pursue, as well as plenty of unknown ideas to discover.

The launchpad

However an idea comes about, the question is: which ideas are going to work?

Our partner community represents platforms with API's and/ or commitment to showcase commercially validated healthtech.

The launch pad provides a head start for healthtech start ups and grows in numbers of connected health providers as our community grows.

How to get involved

We are seeking private and venture capital to work with us through the process of validating commercial prospects and launching successful health tech innovations within our partner community.