The Allied Health community is represented by many disciplines and members within Australia’s health workforce. 

This size and scale is estimated to be delivering in excess of 200 million health services annually.  

Within Allied Healthcare service delivery the potential for data and information to be shared within the healthcare system to support and transform healthcare accross service delivery, client outcomes and research has never been better.

Unlocking the potential and delivering great value to Australian’s requires health providers who have an innovative attitude and a willingness to co-operate with others.

HealthTechX is building an innovation community to bring together such providers.  To eXchange, eXplore and evaluate innovative models of healthcare.  

Our Vision: A world of integrated digital health empowerment for all people, represents a call to action to get involved and make an impact on healthcare.

If you are:

  • collaborating with healthcare partners, communities and other providers
  • exploring and testing digital health tools within your healthcare settings
  • engaging with clients in new ways

Then you should get involved within HealthTechX.  We’re a community built to connect you with a team of people bringing everything you don’t already know about innovating and reimagining healthcare.

To get involved, engage with our Chat and introduce yourself, OR, if you prefer to wait and see, visit our Social Media sites (see below) to follow, subscribe and share.