Reimagining Healthcare
Reimagining Healthcare is a podcast series about innovation in the healthcare industry.

We talk to healthtech and healthcare innovators to uncover how they’re reimagining and building a world of seamless digital healthcare experiences.
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Yianni (John) Serpanos
Producer & Host
About Yianni

As a founder of digital health innovations & communities like & HealthTechX, I’m a passionate and driven innovator within the health-tech industry.

Reimagining Healthcare is inspired by the many and varied conversations I’ve had starting up and growing digital healthcare platforms over the years…the ones that if only those ideas, knowledge, goodwill, insights or wisdom could be shared with the healthcare industry, what would the possibilities be.

So I’ve produced this series for Health Providers, Developers, Advisers and Investors to join some of those conversations.  I hope you get inspired, as I am, toward a vision of a world with integrated digital health empowerment for all people.  Let’s jump in!


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