Today I’m speaking with Andrew Lemon, Founder & Chief Revenue Officer at Strength by Numbers, an innovative provider for the AxIT objective force plate and and dynamometer solution for healthcare professionals.

In this first part 1 of 2 of the interview, Andrew speaks with me about his journey as an Osteopath and his dreams of being a problem solver coming together to produce the healthtech start up called Strength by Numbers and in particular building the AxIT clinical hardware & customer success clinic model.

We discuss:

  • Focusing on Customer Success
  • Becoming a Health Tech Start Up
  • How Objective Force Plate & Hand Held Dynamo-meters offer benefits to clients and healthcare businesses

Let’s jump in!

Next week, we pick up where we’ve left off with Andrew talking more about how AxIT can help health & fitness professionals provide higher levels of service options & support clients and increase revenue in the process. Speak to you then!



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