Travis Brunn, Rob Hydomako, and Eric Gartner are physiotherapists and Co-founders of SimpleSet, a digital health rehabilitation app that connects healthcare professionals with clients. They’ve each worked as physios for over 12 years, and founded SimpleSet 10 years ago to improve communication between clinicians and patients.

In today’s episode, the boys discuss life as physios and digital health-tech founders, and how their app tackles the problems they faced as healthcare professionals. We talk through SimpleSet’s key features, and discuss the benefits for both clients and clinicians. Plus, an insight into the future of SimpleSet, and its potential uses in the broader healthcare world.


Key takeaways:

  1. SimpleSet is a complete suite of exercise prescription and patient engagement tools for physiotherapists and exercise professionals. It was designed by physiotherapists to ensure the maximum effectiveness in a clinical setting.
  2. SimpleSet helps you to be a more impactful exercise educator and helps your patients to be more successful in their rehabilitation. It fits a variety of needs, including to improve patient understanding and communication, even outside of a clinical session.


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