Laura Simmons is a paediatric Occupational Therapist and founder of Theratrak, it’s a Digital OT app that enables therapists to prescribe, monitor and track customised therapy programmes for children.

In this episode, Laura shares with Yianni her journey and transition from being a full-time OT to becoming a start-up founder.

We get into what type of therapy challenges and problems Laura observed that led to creating Theratrak, and how using Theratrak offers therapy enhancement with Digital OT tools that improve retention and adherence for parents/ children by empowering independence outside of traditional OT appointments and putting time back into the daily schedule of OT’s.


Key takeaways:

  1. Laura is an occupational therapist who has worked in paediatrics in Sydney for eight years. One of the things she’s most enthusiastic about is helping kids reach their goals and helping kids become independent.
  2. With Theratrak, clients now can engage with programmes and their therapists remotely, and from the comfort of their home undertake the prescribed programmes.
  3. Theratrak helps capture, create and digitise programmes that the client and parents take home with them via a secure mobile app.


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