Ravini Abey is the Co-founder and CEO of PhysiVoice. In this episode, Ravini shares how her personal healthcare journey led to the motivation to create PhysiVoice, a healthtech start-up aimed at cultivating more meaningful relationships between patients and allied health practitioners.

Yianni and Ravini discuss how AI, combined with a more holistic biopsychosocial approach to clinical practice, can help predict a diagnosis and also provide treatment recommendations. Ravini also unpacks how this approach can even highlight whether a patient is likely to show up for therapy, along with strategies to support adherence.

Key takeaways:

  1. Psychology and data analytics can be leveraged to help patients engage in better health behaviour.
  2. Ravini realised through her own health journey that the stronger she became mentally, the better she recovered physically. This reinforced the important relationship between mental and physical health which is often overlooked in practice.
  3. PhysiVoice helps facilitate much better and more meaningful relationships between patients and practitioners. This helps the practitioner optimise their time and also helps the patient get better faster.
  4. PhysiVoice is an online physician support tool that integrates with existing patient management software like coreplus. Before a patient comes in for their appointment, they’ll receive an online form to fill out which helps identify any red flags that might affect that particular patient.

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