Katja Beitat is the Founder of CliniVid, a mobile-first digital healthcare information sharing app.  The app was established when Katja discovered communication gaps during care coordination that led to client dissatisfaction. CliniVid’s goal is to provide safe sharing of information across the healthcare sector. By pulling together patients records from different sources, CliniVid is able to create a complete picture for clinicians to work with.

On this episode, Katja highlights CliniVid’s patient focus and the collaboration required by both patients and providers. Non-secure methods of exchanging info such as email, pagers, WhatsApp, etc. have resulted in vital patient information not being recorded and accessible. With CliniVid, Clinicians have one access point that they can contribute to and use to make crucial medical diagnoses and conclusions. In the case of oncology practitioners, CiniVid has made a huge impact by reducing tedious collaboration periods and bringing instant treatment advice to patients.

CliniVid is designed to connect to existing systems, such as coreplus practice management which make it easier to integrate with. Katja foresees interoperability becoming stronger and services becoming more patient-centric. Her forecast includes various sectors on the tertiary care level becoming more connected as AI becomes safer to use.


Key takeaways:

  1. CliniVid grew from bridging gaps in healthcare communication to a mobile-first digital communication tool for clinicians and patients
  2. The app allows providers from different health sectors and data sources to contribute to patients records, thus creating a comprehensive history for future treatments.
  3. The ClinVid library of info contains automated records, images, reports, videos and DICOM.
  4. CliniVid is able to connect to existing systems by using HL7, API and FHIR.
  5. The app not only connects healthcare providers, but speeds up decision making and treatment delivery essential to patients.
  6. CliniVid provides a complete health picture instantly!


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