Diana Younan is the Customer Success Manager at coreplus. On this episode, we talk about her lived experience with customer-centric healthcare and how to design a client-first health practice.

We delve into the intersection between human experience and how health practitioners design their health practice. We also discuss marketing techniques to increase user engagement and improve client experiences with health technology. Diana shares her tips on how to build stronger connections with clients, and the importance of personalised follow-ups and surveys.

For those who don’t have enough time to learn about marketing, Diana encourages you to get help with the research and design of your client experience. With a full client load, of course you are busy! But it can be done. With some experimentation and tactical actions, we can all improve the experiences of our patients and clients.


Key takeaways:

  • Customer Success is about making customers, businesses and employees happy across the board.
  • If implemented correctly, technology can lead the way for creating amazing client experiences.
  • Really connecting with your clients involves being authentic and having a real conversation.
  • A/B testing in a healthcare setting is a great way to test and learn which approaches work the best!
  • Surveys and truly personalised follow-ups have a lot of untapped potential for healthcare providers.
  • Diana suggests going back and reviewing your website, product or app to evaluate whether it speaks to the Australian consumer in an empathetic way. This should be done regularly.


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