On this episode, I speak with David Di Sipio, a passionate psychologist and experience designer at the intersection between people, science and technology.  David is founder of MeetUp group UX Psychology and believes that tech is all about humans. He explains the BJ Fogg Model as he helps us understand behavioral science and how this ties in with technology in healthcare. He also unpacks the Hook model and how both these models relate to human behavior.

David introduces us to HCD (Human-Centered Design) which he believes is a great method to create tangible results. He advocates looking at data and testing during the process of building and creating businesses/products.

Having a strong psychology background has vastly impacted David’s ability to understand user experience. He mentions his ability to empathise, communicate and influence, which allows him to design with an advantage.


Key takeaways:

  1. Tech affects our brains. David discusses how dopamine creates addictive behaviours.
  2. Human-Centred Design can play a huge role when designing a product, especially when business needs and customer needs must be balanced.
  3. Testing and experimenting while building products is essential for a successful business.
  4. The best way to know what your customer wants is to find out from your customer directly!
  5. Human behaviour doesn’t change much over time, but technology changes all the time. This allows us to apply behavioural design to our products and immediately see its impact.


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