Simon Taylor is the CEO and Founder of Rehab Guru, a web-based exercise prescription application with ease-of-use and client experience as its key pillars. With the product, exercise prescription and rehabilitation can now have real-time feedback, increased scalability and tools to monitor and help clients.

As the healthcare sector (both private and public) shifts to a more digital infrastructure, so too must the evolution of client experience. On this episode, Simon talks about the need to respond to this evolution and how technology can help to provide great healthcare experiences.  And how easy it is to extend your clinical management software via the add-on integration approach.


Key takeaways:

  1. A well-designed website means that the developer designs it to accommodate disabilities, so no client is barred from accessing the necessary data.
  2. There are a lot of challenges when talking about the convergence of health and technology, as individuals rarely operate form viewpoints that are inclusive of both camps.
  3. In the UK, Simon says that there are noticeable differences between the public and private sectors for healthcare. Some of which he says can lead to far more expensive healthcare because they forego preventative consultations that could save major surgeries or health risks later on.
  4. Using the Rehab Guru app allows clients to give real-time feedback and score pain. This allows the practitioner to monitor their progress and prescribe interventions, if necessary.
  5. Client-centred healthcare and the collaboration between healthcare providers and specialists.
  6. Traditional healthcare providers need to adapt to the evolution of healthcare demands in the private and public sector.


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