Today’s guest is Claire Edwards. She’s the Founder of #pledge4change and a key figure in transforming the healthcare sector in Australia. She is a proponent of the Leading Change Model and urges us all to accept changes in healthcare as a necessary step to transforming the industry for the better.

On this episode, Claire talks about how she tackles organisational change in the healthcare sector. After all, the only constant in life is change and we need to embrace it, learn from it and adapt to it.

She also reminds us not to over-plan, but to take action to get unstuck in well-worn pathways. She also encourages us not to neglect the all-important notion that the desirability in your company and the desirability in your clients, will lead to long-term viability.


Key takeaways:

  1. We aren’t exactly taught how to change in business. The Leading Change Model helps facilitate that process and starts that necessary first ripple.
  2. You have to instil trust in organisations to guide them off the beaten track.
  3. Claire contends that the most important thing to do is to take action.
  4. Direction and implementation are two essential components of cultivating change within an organisation. Claire says finding a balance between desirability for the business and client will lead to strong implementation and direction.
  5. Change can be overwhelming, but embracing it and adapting is essential for organisational success.
  6. You should return after 90 days for feedback and assess whether a particular change was effective.
  7. Everyone has the responsibility of making the healthcare system better through incremental change.


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