Cathy Love is an author, business coach, occupational therapist and the Founder of Nacre Consulting. On this episode, Cathy talks about her practice, the motivations behind her work and some of the biggest obstacles within the allied healthcare field. She fully subscribes to the sentiment that, “Your level of success rarely exceeds your level of personal development.”

Cathy touches on the power of branding, her shortcomings when she was starting out in business and how she addressed them head-on. She also speaks about how to align with your team and the importance of serving their wellbeing. And don’t miss Cathy’s tips on how to develop a more human, client-centric approach towards healthcare!

Cathy firmly believes that not enough is being done to put clients first within healthcare. This episode provides a lot of ideas and principles to help you get started on that.


Key takeaways:

  • The term ‘nacre’ is the process of turning grit into a pearl. A fitting definition for Nacre Consulting.
  • ‘Mentoring’ is the ability to share your personal or business experience with someone else. This is a different skill to ‘coaching’.
  • Performance development is a much better term than clinical supervision, according to Cathy. It’s a much more humanising term and one which sounds less clinical.
  • To ensure your team is naturally aligned, don’t just recruit in the traditional ways but also make room for the right person to join.
  • Good therapy means being client-centric. Integrating services that blend data and technology help provide a warmer, more human, client experience.
  • Smaller businesses are shifting towards a more customer-centric business model and are hosting roundtables to learn what the customer really wants.


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