Natasha Ace is the Founder of the Private Practice Alliance. She has an immense amount of experience in the mental health field, having worked with 1,000s of practitioners to improve their practices.

On this episode, Natasha shares her work with the Private Practice Alliance and their vision to understand and improve the client journey. They do this by supplying the necessary tools for practitioners do their job better, and also improve the empathy and connection they have with their clients. Natasha also believes that transparency is the easiest and quickest way for reimagining healthcare.

Natasha talks about her philosophy to stronger networking within the local mental health community. She says, “People don’t have to use your service to appreciate what service you’re offering”. And overall, striving for greater connectivity and support in the mental health community starts with increased networking on the local level.


Key takeaways:

  • Innovation doesn’t have to mean developing huge, ground-breaking technologies. It just means you are doing something different than other organisations out there. Recording online FAQs is a prime example.
  • Personal branding is important for injecting your personality and uniqueness into your practice.
  • Clinicians and mental health practitioners should be meeting with their fellow neighbours in the field to drive outside ideas, support and creativity.
  • Networking can be much more in-depth and personal. For example, meeting with local GPs for coffee makes a big difference in local community networking.
  • Learn how to use client management software accurately in order to minimise client wastage.
  • The client journey is important to consider in the modern mental health field. And this will only get more important as a service model in the future.
  • Networking and providing quality services is much better for client acquisition than simply buying ads on Google.


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