On this episode, psychologist Dr. Natalie Flatt tells us more about her startup, Connect Psych Services. This online service puts staff wellbeing at the fingertips of employees and is rooted in self-care, stress management and communication in the workplace. It is an ideal way for companies to successfully be part of a supportive collaboration for staff wellbeing.

We learn that dealing with mental health can be easier if employees have well-equipped managers that are able to identify when they need help and support.

The effect of stress is one of the focus areas Dr. Flatt deals with, highlighting the dent in productivity that stress creates in the workplace. With time and accessibility generally being problem areas for employees, Connect Psych Services offers the perfect program to ensure that every employee who reaches out is consulted on-time, without any external barriers and in an environment that suits them.

Natalie is optimistic that e-counselling is the future for mental health and wellbeing!


Key takeaways:

  1. Connect Psych Services is the first digital platform in Australia dedicated to counselling for company employees
  2. One-in-five Australians will suffer a mental health issue every year
  3. E-counselling was developed to offer convenience and flexibility to people
  4. Connect Psych offers counselling until 11 pm, allowing people to reach out outside of work hours when they need it most.
  5. The data collected from the service allows employers to assess the mental health of their staff as well as ensure they are supporting their employees in the correct areas


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