Marijn Kortekaas of Physitrack is passionate about engaging clients whether they are in clinic or remote.

In this episode, Marijn speaks to the questions of, “What is a digital healthcare network?”, “How do we connect practices with clients to deliver client-driven approaches?” and “How does a provider ensure safe, seamless and secure digital health information sharing with other connected points of care?”. He also identifies where there are great opportunities for healthcare providers to embrace healthtech to make even bigger impacts on healthcare outcomes.

Marijn discusses the power of digital health and its integration with coreplus. He also talks about the importance of making information available to the right practitioners to help them achieve greater outcomes for their patients — helping them to get better, quicker.

Key takeaways:

  1. When a practitioner’s brand is associated with providing excellent experiences to an individual, it is a way of taking healthcare services from just being healthcare services to actually being customer experiences.
  2. The Physitrack platform strengthens the relationship between the practitioner or health provider and their client network.
  3. The platform has an exercise library of more than 4000 exercise videos on the PhysiApp.
  4. Physitrack is a cloud-based patient engagement platform that supports clinical home exercise prescriptions, tracking and outcome measurements, education and telehealth.
  5. Practitioners can easily make telehealth video calls to clients via the PhysiApp.
  6. Using technology to collect outcome measures (especially with older patients) is a great way to engage them and give them a sense of confidence in their healthcare journey.

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