Ben Lynch is the CEO of Clinic Mastery, an organisation which helps health clinics transform their client experiences in a way that’s personalised, engaging and memorable. In this episode, Ben talks about his career transition from being a podiatrist to eventually helping guide hundreds of other clinic owners to building successful practices.

Ben shares a lot of key insights on the shifting healthcare landscape, the importance of connecting to your ‘why’ and how looking outside your industry can help you gain perspective.

Ben also encourages you to make small, smooth changes within your practice even if it makes you uncomfortable to do so. He says that a lot of healthcare professionals feel like they are expected to be perfect, and so they tend to not stray from what they’re confident in. But this rigid mentality can hurt your practice and is harmful to cultivating a client-centric ethos in the community. Embrace the small changes!


Key takeaways:

  1. Finding your purpose and connecting with that will lead to self-actualisation and a much more rewarding career.
  2. Healthcare will undergo big changes in the coming years due to technology integration.
  3. Innovation is really about applying different perspectives from various industries to the healthcare sector.
  4. You should embrace change! Focus on small changes and be aware of how this impacts your workplace culture.


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