Alan Zaia is an osteopath, and he’s also the Founder and CEO of Osteohustle. Osteohustle is a business and marketing company run by a team of osteopaths which helps osteopaths achieve their own version of success.

In this episode, Alan explains why he developed Osteohustle, and the digital-first approach Osteohustle takes, which enables osteopaths to build their own brands and achieve their own goals. With both the personal experience as a business owner, and now as a community leader supporting other osteopaths, Alan walks us through the typical approach, what’s in the members’ area, the basics of marketing, and so much more.


Key takeaways: 

  1. After Alan graduated, he realised he knew how to be an osteopath but not how to run a business. So he spent two years speaking to over 300 clinic owners learning how to run a clinic, before creating Osteohustle with the information he had learnt.
  2. Osteohustle helps osteopaths with everything they need to know to start their own clinic: from building a brand to Instagram marketing; from managing time in-clinic to building a great clinic culture.
  3. Regardless of whether you’re an osteopath or not, the wisdom of the Osteohustle’s methods can add value right across healthcare and healthtech to take us closer to a world of digital health empowerment for all people.


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