Matt McGann is the Co-founder and CEO of Health Horizon, a health-technology tracking platform which uses humanised AI to discover and organise public information about healthtech innovation into curated timelines. In this episode, Matt shares the key benefits Health Horizon can bring to consumers, practitioners, investors and policymakers — and what type of insights are available on the platform to guide support for healthcare innovation.


Key takeaways:

  1. Health Horizon tracks what technology is out there, monitors this technology in real-time, and keeps users up to date about which stage the technology they’ve chosen to follow is at.
  2. It’s built on a semi-automated data-system that monitors different types of news, including: blogs, social media, official news, trial registries, patents and scientific papers. It finds mentions of innovations, pieces together the history, and monitors it all in real-time and into the future.
  3. Investors, government funders and grant bodies can use Health Horizon to monitor their investments or grant recipients and observe their portfolio at any point in time. It’s also useful after the grant programme ends, to allow tracking of alumni.


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