When Robert experienced a medical care failure in his own family, it inspired him to co-found Cogniom. The name is a combination of ‘cognition’ and ‘axiom’, and its purpose is to find truth in data for use in the medical field.

Originally envisioned as a consumer service, Robert realised that just because something could be done, doesn’t mean people would necessarily want it. Five pivots later, and Cogniom has found traction.

Robert lives by the mantra ‘always be testing product-market fit’, and he shares some great tips to do that cheaply and easily. As an example, when Steve Jobs famously launched the iPhone, it wasn’t 100% ready and had to be demoed with precision in front of a live audience. Learning how to invest in products as experiments is vital to running a successful startup.

Cogniom’s TANDM Suite is allowing hospitals and healthcare providers to run their own experiments and find tangible improvements, beyond the allure of tech for the sake of tech.

Key takeaways:

  1. Always be testing what you think the value of your product or service is, against how your customer is using it.
  2. Do the work and step into others’ shoes when you’re trying to understand their situation.
  3. Cogniom learned to start with a real-world situation then use technology to improve it, rather than invent a technology before defining the problem.
  4. Healthcare providers should learn to accept and embrace small, consistent changes.
  5. Tech is too often sold as a product to healthcare customers, rather than co-developed with them.


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