Entrepreneur and co-author of Fit to Practice, Kaye Frankcom joins me on this episode. Kaye is an accomplished psychologist and passionate businesswoman. Her career path has taken her from becoming a Clinical Psychologist, to operating and selling a successful group psychology practice after 17 years, to coaching and speaking, as well as various board roles within healthcare associations.

Kaye addresses issues that should be tackled when deciding whether to enter into private practice. With more practitioners leaning toward running their own practices, Kaye poses key questions that are relevant to taking this leap as well as key insights on why and what types of client feedback are key to optimizing outcomes for the practitioner, the profession and for clients.  Tune in to learn how you can better equip yourself to help your patients!

Kaye explains that clinicians have a serious role to fill for their patients in an industry where being mediocre is justifiably “unacceptable”. With her years of experience, she is passionate about leading clinicians in the right direction to execute collaboration that can actually change lives. Her vision for the future lies in integrated public and private health systems and a single platform for all collaboration.


Key takeaways:

  1. Kaye Frankcom Consulting provides coaching services to psychologists in order to ensure their clinical outcomes are exceptional and business visions are achieved!
  2. People who stay in treatment have an 80% chance of getting better versus those who are untreated
  3. Before leaping into private practice, it is vital that you ask yourself if you are effective at what you do!
  4. 40% of people drop out of treatment before they reach a positive outcome
  5. Use tangible metrics (numbers and data) to develop staff, business practices and to improve patient treatment in your practice.
  6. Working with client feedback has a proven history of creating successful outcomes
  7. Outcome measurement should be in place for every practice, if you are serious about being effective.


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