Luke Fletcher is the Co-founder and CEO of Foxo, a digital health communication platform that facilitates communication between healthcare teams and organisations in a clinically safe, secure and seamless way. In this episode, Luke shares the development process of Foxo and how design-thinking has helped them build a modern, secure and private communication platform for healthcare professionals. Luke and Yianni also discuss ‘Shadow IT’ in healthcare. What is it? And what types of problems, issues, and challenges does it represent?


Key takeaways:

  1. Everyone in the Foxo network is verified. They have integrations with leading practice management software, radiology information systems and a range of other providers.
  2. Healthcare is consistently the leading sector for data breaches, year on year. A lot of these are human errors, such as when personally identifiable patient information gets sent to the wrong person.
  3. If you send information on Foxo, with one click you can retract it. You can revoke access and you can manage permissions. Additionally, you know that everyone on Foxo is a verified clinician or works for a healthcare organisation.


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