Dr Patrick Aouad is the Co-founder and CEO of [cu]health, a virtual medical practice for businesses. Pat is focused on bringing evidence-based approaches supported by appropriate innovation to support trusted, compassionate and excellent healthcare.

In this episode, Pat shares his journey through the healthcare industry. Originally a consulting neurologist, Pat co-founded a medical practice and achieved extensive academic qualifications, including publishing research. He’s since co-founded [cu]health, with a vision to bring virtual medical and healthcare support to businesses right to the desktop of employees.


Key takeaways:

  1. Dr Aouad is an experienced company director with a wealth of practical knowledge in operations of general medical practices having co-founded Loxley Health in 2017. He currently sits on several advisory boards providing his expertise in neurology and digital health.
  2. [cu]health uses a customer experience focused and digital-first mindset to reimagine healthcare service delivery, to support the needs of a growing number of clients and the healthcare workforce.
  3. [cu]health enables a person to collaborate with their GP, Psychologist, Dietician and Health Coach from their home or office desktop. It provides a purpose-built dashboard, goal framework, medication management and telehealth features, as well as an innovative open-plan soundproof office access point called a [cu]pod.


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