Ronan Leonard is the Founder of Eccountability, a mastermind mentoring, coaching & support programs helping entrepreneurs & founders of healthcare and healthtech organizations discover and align themselves, their business needs, and their world views around meaning and purpose.

Ronan and Yianni discuss why values, ethos, and vision are the keys to forming an essential relationship with customers and team members. This episode gives a great overview of how innovative management consultancy, combined with AI, can help reimagine businesses and transform customers into advocates while adding a ton of value in the process.

Key takeaways:

  1. There are pivotal moments where you bump up against a belief … usually a limiting belief. Our beliefs define our results. Ronan works with organisations to figure out where the limiting beliefs and gaps are, and then helps the organization create the processes to get the results they want.
  2. Businesses, on their most fundamental levels, are getting a collection of people internally to solve a problem that someone has and are willing to pay for. The closer you align all those people together under one value, ethos or vision, the more the people work hard, exceed expectations, and believe in the company.
  3. To stay in business you have to have built up trust with your employees and your customers. The second you erode that trust, it’s easy for customers to leave and for your best employees to quit.
  4. It’s difficult to stay relevant to your market, especially for bigger companies who are generally slower to change. The more you can stay relevant to your customers, the more likely you are to have a great organisation.
  5. If you’re just the cheapest price, it’s a race to the bottom. You have to be really good at whatever you’re doing because there’s always some who will do a worse job at a cheaper price. The more you create a connectedness with your customers, the more you create value within an organisation.

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