Reimagining Healthcare
Reimagining Healthcare is a podcast series about innovation in the healthcare industry.

We talk to healthtech and healthcare innovators about how they’re reimagining and building a world of seamless digital healthcare experiences.
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Yianni (John) Serpanos
Producer & Host
About Yianni Serpanos

As a founder of digital health innovations & communities like & HealthTechX, I’m a passionate and driven innovator within the health-tech industry.

Reimagining Healthcare is asking a simple question…How does healthcare fit into our lives, schedules, goals and aspirations?

In this digital age, the answers will inevitably come by embracing Digital Health innovations that empower each of us and our providers toward better health outcomes with safe, secure, private & seamless digital healthcare systems.

To this end, we’re going to need evolve our mindset toward design of Digital Health Service Delivery, or “Digital Healthcare eXperiences” for people.  We can achieve this with inspired leadership, progressive implementation of appropriate HealthTech and most importantly cultural transformation within our community.

The intersection of HealthTech and people has unlimited potential to not only transform healthcare, but also transform the health and wellness of our communities.

So I’ve produced this Podcast for Healthcare Providers, Advisers and HealthTech Developers and Investors to share ideas, insights & options for Reimagining Healthcare.

I hope you get inspired, as I am, toward a vision of a world with integrated digital health empowerment for all people.  Let’s jump in!

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