Matt Green is the Founder of BodyGuide, a body literacy and movement guide app that provides guidance and digital health programs to help manage pain and other movement issues. This episode focuses on Matt’s journey as an allied health practitioner moving into healthtech innovation, and unpacks the process of building an emerging and innovative approach to health literacy, self-management and self-referral.

Key takeaways:

  1. Matt’s background is in myotherapy. He had a clinic in Port Melbourne and started a telehealth business in 2015 providing chronic pelvic pain rehab online. He became aware that there was a lot of information being provided to the same clients over and over again, without an increase in body literacy.
  2. There are many reasons why people may not take the time to visit a healthcare practitioner, and their sedentary lifestyle may be the reason why their health is deteriorating. BodyGuide provides a low-barrier entry to healthcare, using a mobile app as a digital health intervention.
  3. BodyGuide is a way for patients to quickly, easily, and with low-cost, feel in control of what’s going on for them physically. It also helps them make informed decisions about appointments, as well as providing a platform to reference educational materials between appointments.

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