Kennedy Lay is a physiotherapist, a student mentor and the Founder & Director of The Communication Experience and The Breakthrough Event, an allied health and sports medicine virtual conference.

In this episode, Kennedy comments on his observations about communication challenges during his time as a physio student and what he’s doing to address those issues for new healthcare graduates with The Communication Experience.

Kennedy has some great insights and guidance around video consultations versus telehealth and what the issues, challenges and risks are in using video tools like Zoom.

Kennedy is a passionate believer in the importance of helping the profession better understand today’s digital health tools such as telehealth. And so, we also talk about how to adapt our communication skills from in-person communication to online communication.

Key takeaways:

  1. The Communication Experience started as a way to help new graduates in healthcare to transition from the university experience to full-time working experience. The healthcare industry is lacking a cadet-ship or a guided exploratory progressive program, and the Communication Experience wants to fill this void.
  2. The number one factor in influencing a short career lifespan for a physiotherapist is that there isn’t a lot of career variation and progression, which also causes a salary ceiling.
  3. Physiotherapy has always been taught, delivered and perceived as a physical contact profession. Coming out of COVID-19, telehealth will remain a strong competitor in the industry.
  4. Within the digital health conceptual framework, there is a place for gamification and virtual/augmented realities. But the implementation of these tools will likely grow at a human-led pace rather than a technology-led pace.
  5. The Breakthrough Conference series is about breaking through into the next phase of your career. During this time of crisis, it’s important to keep up continual professional development. That is the inspiration behind Breakthrough 2020.

If you’re a physical therapist and/ or Allied Health business owner considering your team support, recruitment, induction and ongoing learnings beyond COVID-19 and factoring in TeleHealth then you’ll get a lot out of this discussion.

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