Cate Schreck is the Director and Service Excellence Coach at Lightbulb Training Solutions, a team of highly-skilled workplace trainers and facilitators who specialise in customer service and teamwork professional development programs for workplaces.

In this episode, Cate shares her passion for frontline customer service and how adopting a human-centric approach, rather than being sales-motivated, can help your business achieve financial sustainability.

Key takeaways:

  1. Lightbulb Training Solutions focuses on going into businesses and giving managers the skills and confidence that they need so they can support their staff.
  2. Employees are drawn to the healthcare industry because they want to help people. The research tells us that human connection is the thing that alleviates pain.
  3. Service, whether in business or on the front line, is not about being ‘in servitude’. It’s about understanding body language, tone of voice and picking up on subtlety to meet the customer’s expectations.
  4. ‘Common sense’ isn’t common when it comes to providing excellent customer service. The only way you can find out your customer’s expectations is by asking questions.


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