Alexandra Robertson is the VP of Client Growth & Innovation at XIL Health — a technology and consulting company supporting Pharmacies, Benefits Managers, Accountable Care Organisations and Hospitals to innovate and optimise their healthcare businesses.

In this episode, Alexandra talks to us about the complexity and innovation opportunities for consumer access to drugs within the medical and pharmaceutical benefits system, its supply and also its management. She then turns to the opportunities and threats that traditional bricks and mortar distribution models face.


Key takeaways: 

  1. In a tech world, it’s easy to think we just need one more piece of tech, but the important and simple questions need to be asked… Why and what? And only then can we address how in an optimised and effective manner.
  2. XIL Health creates actionable strategies and innovative technologies that help stabilise your business, diversify your revenue streams and disrupt the status quo.
  3. Consumer access and patient experience can drive strategic transformation beyond just medication management, into more value-adding and sustainable wellness models.


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