Peter Vranes is a Co-founder of Nutromics, an Australian med-tech company providing continuous, real-time molecular monitoring using a smart patch biosensor platform. In this episode, Peter shares his story from having already built and exited a successful cosmeceutical brand and how that led to meeting his co-founder to build Nutromics. He also talks about how that experience led to them participating in a med-tech accelerator, and their journey through capital raising and proof of concepts.


Key takeaways:

  1. Conventional molecular tests and monitoring leaves big gaps in terms of the information needed to support decision making (especially where monitoring of fast-moving molecular targets is needed).
  2. Nutromics has developed a one patch platform that can be adapted to many applications and can ensure, continuously and in real-time, that a patient is receiving a dose at the right time and level to stay within the therapeutic range.
  3. The molecular sensing technology has a microneedle array platform and an aptamer sensor platform that promises flexibility for this Smart Patch to be used in many different therapeutic contexts.


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