Natalie Jack is a registered music therapist, allied health supervisor, professional development coach, healthtech enthusiast, and lecturer. Natalie has drawn on her extensive 20+ year career as a healthcare professional (both domestically and abroad) to pursue her passion for supervision and integrated healthtech. And today, she supports and guides practitioners through their own careers.

This episode delves into the changing requirements for delivering online therapy. We also discuss how telehealth, clinical supervision and professional development can support, challenge and inspire modern allied healthcare providers toward higher professional fulfilment whilst using innovation to enhance client experiences and outcomes.


Key takeaways:

  1. Music therapy is an allied health profession and a research-based profession. It supports clients, consumers and patients to achieve their goals using the power of music, and the relationship formed through music and music activities.
  2. Music therapy uses a lot of technology for music-making, some which result in digital artifacts that can become part of the clinical record. It’s useful to have an online practice management software solution which incorporates these musical things.
  3. Supervision is its own profession, and interdisciplinary supervision is an important concept. People who are experienced and trained in supervision techniques can supervise anyone, in any discipline.
  4. A lot of music therapists started out as musicians and found that music was really great for their own lives. Music therapy combines a health profession with the power of music.
  5. Music therapists and other arts-based therapists have been a little reluctant to move to telehealth and digital health tools. But now that they’ve been forced to get online and engage with technology, they can bring arts-based therapies online and reach more people.


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