Megan Capriccio is the Co-founder of the FemTech Collective, a premier network supporting founders of female healthtech innovation around the world. Megan has a very diverse background. From researching the role of women on the international stage at the University of Sydney, to establishing a tequila company that empowers and celebrates women in the wine and spirits industry, Megan is passionate about championing positive change for women.

In this episode, Megan shares her story as to why she has dedicated her career to ensuring that women have more control of their realities, especially in health and wellness.


Key takeaways:

  1. The FemTech Collective supports and consults FemTech founders and companies whilst also working with investors and partners across Australia and the US to grow and amplify the ecosystem.
  2. FemTech is any product, service or device that offers support to women’s health. It extends to anyone who might value the service or product, regardless of whether they identify as a woman or a female.
  3. FemTech focuses on generating the next generation of leaders in the space. These people don’t necessarily need to be women. They can be anyone who has an interest in improving health and wellness for women using innovative approaches and FemTech ideas.


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