Today I’m speaking with Rohan Pardasani, founder & CEO of avaana an innovative well being services marketplace and lead generation solution.

Part A: In this first part of the interview, Rohan tells us how his legal background and dealing with cancer combined to design a health tech marketplace platform focused on helping people like him to navigate healthcare on terms that made sense to them.

We cover topics such as: Definition of the Consumer & Well being What modern practices are looking for in client loads? Type of new client and what’s needed to support them e.g. NDIS Assistance with getting NDIS registration and new client support offered by Avaana to achieve just that,


Registration/ Professional standing and it’s role in acquiring new B2B, Government clients via the marketplace. Let’s jump in!

Part B: Next episode, we pick up the discussion with Rohan covering: NDIS registration, support and training offered by Avaana drawing on Rohan’s legal background The benefits of integration into coreplus as a primary clinical engagement tool. Defining the future of client journeys in healthcare. Speak to you then!



NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme Provider | Avaana

Linkedin –

Avaana –


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