Dr Roxie Mooney is the CEO and Healthcare Commercialization Strategist of Legacy DNA, who focuses on helping health tech innovators uncover their most profitable and viable market strategies, from early adoption strategies to pivoting.

Dr Roxie is also the international best-selling author of “How Health Innovators Maximize Market Success: Strategies to Launch and Commercialize Healthcare Innovations”, as well as the host of the “COIQ with Dr Roxie” podcast.

In this episode, Dr Roxie shares her journey from business to academia, before becoming a leading expert in healthcare innovation and commercialisation within the US market and beyond.


Key takeaways:

  1. Dr Roxie has spoken at HIMSS and the Connected Health Conference and currently serves as an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Jack Welch Management Institute.
  2. With the risk of failure in start-ups being around 95%, it’s critical for the industry and the world to learn from experience and work with advisors who have “been there, done that!” to know what works, and what’s not going to work.
  3. The concept of the early adopter isn’t well understood. Innovation doesn’t need to be confined to producing software or a MedTech device. The innovation could be the way that the service experience is being offered to the consumer or recipient of healthcare services.


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