Benjamin Gold is the Co-director of Home Physio Melbourne. In this episode, Ben explains how the convergence of health technology, attitudes, patient requirements, and how the impacts of COVID-19 are driving higher demand for home healthcare service models. And, we discuss the value of empowering team members to use key principles and implement innovations like telehealth to cope with the dramatic changes to healthcare during COVID-19.


Key takeaways:

  1. Benjamin initially started Home Physio Melbourne after returning from living in New York City for several years. Home Physio started with just Benjamin and now has 18–19 practitioners, a mix of contractors and employees.
  2. Home Physio has an employee who has built her whole practice through telehealth. She successfully treated one patient who had an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) knee reconstruction completely through telehealth.
  3. There are certain elements of telehealth that are a challenge, but there is a lot that can be successful. And there is a lot of research that shows telehealth appointments can be as effective as face to face appointments.


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