James Hatchman is the Co-founder and CEO of Voice of Health, a social platform for mental health peer to peer support.  It’s providing access to people and communities where people can talk about their lives with supportive people, based on their shared lived experience and offering tools and strategies to self-manage mental health wellbeing.

In this episode, James discusses his journey and inspiration to develop Voice of Health, with insights into the startup journey to date. James’s journey highlights just how important our lived experiences within our families and friendship circles are to offer nuggets of insights that identify problems that start-up founders can respond to.


Key takeaways:

  1. Voice of Health is responding to a well-known problem to overcome barriers to accessing mental healthcare.  Although there are many established pathways available, the reality is that only a percentage of the population use them.
  2. Voice of Health has taken a clever online peer support approach, where people from the community who have gone through their own mental health journey can become peer-to-peer support for other people.
  3. This approach allows people who would otherwise not engage with healthcare, to take a step forward in their own journey and express themselves and their feelings with people who can establish lived experience rapport and support. James calls them “active listeners”.


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