Dr Qusai Hussain is the Founder and CEO of Cyber Clinic, an online mental healthcare clinic providing quality therapeutic matching, online video consultations and measurement supporting outcomes anywhere, anytime.

In this episode, Qusai shares how Cyber Clinic helps strengthen the therapeutic alliance, and how this directly relates to positive client outcomes. Qusai and Yianni also explain how the digital health network co-operative model works for private practices and independent practitioners to ensure access to healthcare in a safe, seamless and secure way.


Key takeaways:

  1. Qusai was a criminal defence lawyer before moving into psychology. It was partly this background that made him realise he could better utilise the skills that he had, so he moved into psychology.
  2. He decided to develop Cyber Clinic as a way to improve the patient experience through getting prospective patients engaged in their own mental health journey, and connected to practitioners that were suitable for them.
  3. Published studies suggest that almost 35% of patients drop out of treatment after the first session, and almost 65% drop out before the tenth session. The therapeutic alliance keeps people in those relationships longer. And over 75% of Cyber Clinic’s practitioners now have a therapeutic alliance score of 84% and above.


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