Nic is the founder of Midnight Health, a digital healthcare startup on a mission to develop a complete healthcare ecosystem that consolidates the fragmented patient experience and improves accessibility to care. Their first two brands Youly and Stagger have seen over 14,000 patients and in November 2021 they raised $4mil from nib.

Today I’m speaking with Nic Blair, Founder of Midnight Health, a digital healthcare start up on a mission to develop a complete healthcare ecosystem.

Nic shares the journey into healthcare and healthtech having come from a successful digital agency and marketing background and his thoughts on branding and sub branding to speak specifically with patients on the types of issues they’re interested whilst delivering digital first and low barriers to entry healthcare services to them.

To this end we unpack two sub-brands currently offered to younger males and females respectively in support of a number of key and relevant healthcare issues that has resulted in Midnight Health having seen over 14,000 patients since launching in November 2021.

We also look to the future with their soon to be released Hub Health, Microbiome precision health strategy and the potential with CBD Oils to support chronic disease.

Some key discussion elements:

  1. What is the importance of a connected ecosystem in healthcare
  2. What role do digital platforms play in improving accessibility for people to healthcare services
  3. Raising capital for a digital healthcare/ health tech start up
  4. The value of bringining non healthcare backgrounds to launching health tech startus

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