Susie Jones is the Co-founder of Cynch Security, a cyber-security business fitness software, designed to build cyber-security into healthcare businesses. In this episode, Susie shares how her journey working within insurance and cyber-security for major corporations led to the development of Cynch Security’s innovative subscription model. She describes how this model helps healthcare businesses access cyber-security advice, tools and support in a cost-effective way. And, Susie also discusses the concept of ‘cyber fitness’, as well as the many security dangers facing allied health businesses.


Key takeaways:

  1. In allied health, there are more and more expectations around data protection and availability in services. Cynch Security gives small businesses all the tools that they need to meet these expectations.
  2. Some of the most prolific attacks against small businesses — in particular healthcare businesses — come from technologies that are used internally within the business.
  3. Cynch Security learns about the technology that a business uses internally, completes a cyber risk-assessment on each of those technologies, and then ranks them from the highest to the lowest risk, to provide their clients with a tailored security programme.


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