Ricardo Escalon is the Director and Principal Designer at Thought Collaborative, an Australian human-centred design agency. He’s also a veteran of the industry, with over fifteen years’ experience. In this episode, Ricardo explains the importance of human-centered design and how, when it’s done well, it can power ideation, creation, and product or service delivery that helps customers achieve their goals.


Key takeaways:

  1. Software can be designed to effectively produce the desired result, but difficult to navigate in day-to-day usage. Human-centred design uses a human perspective to ensure your software is easy and intuitive to navigate, as well as effective at providing the desired result.
  2. Consciously designing for your customer beyond product or service features can set you apart from your competitors and engender incredibly strong customer loyalty, word of mouth referrals, and long-term business success.
  3. 66% of digital initiatives fail. They fail because they don’t get feedback from the customer or user input. For a healthcare provider to provide better health outcomes, they need the right tools. Understanding how they work and creating a list of criteria for selecting and evaluating this software is key.


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