Tim Wilson is the CEO and Co-founder of Snapforms, an online form builder that allows healthcare providers to create, share and collect data to support healthcare workflows or healthcare marketing.

From the simple to the complex, the humble form is an integral and often overlooked part of any patient’s healthcare journey. In this episode, Tim shares how Snapforms has digitised the form to support digital-first healthcare services in any way, shape or size.


Key takeaways:

  1. Intake forms, patient consents and initial assessments are fairly generic concepts within the healthcare industry from a digital standpoint. There’s a tremendous opportunity to build out structured touchpoints so that between and after every appointment there’s an ability to design your own customer experience as a healthcare professional.
  2. In a modern world, we’re increasingly interacting with clients in a digital way, and the usual points of access such as websites, online booking portals are often the start of a healthcare service experience.
  3. If a system is designed end-to-end in a seamlessly integrated, branded and professional way, it promotes a great customer experience. However, too often we see a disjointed and clunky use of systems that make it harder for a client to choose a service provider.


Ln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/timwilson3/

W: https://snapforms.com.au/

Clinical Integration: https://www.coreplus.com.au/add-ons/snapforms/



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