Sonia Bestulic is a Speech Pathologist, author, podcaster, industry speaker and Founding Director of Talking Heads Speech Pathology. Sonia has embraced modern digital methods to connect with her community and help empower and support her clients with valuable insights, information, education and tools — in addition to her clinical healthcare services.

In this episode, Sonia shares her experience gained through 20 years of speech pathology. She also talks about her inspiration to use approaches like writing books, developing a podcast and packaging media products to give to her community and how that has also supported her speech pathology clinics with word of mouth referrals.


Key takeaways:

  1. Digital healthcare as an idea is not confined to starting up or building technology. It’s also about how to take a digital approach to develop a value-adding service experience for your clients and the community.
  2. Sonia was driven by a belief that the quality of relationships is fundamental to our wellbeing. And also that communication is at the heart of connection to self, to others and the community. She also believes that embracing personal branding and digital tools will add value to her community beyond the traditional clinical appointment model.
  3. Marketing and social media can be used as a way to authentically speak to people using scalable digital tools to reach a much broader audience and help them by imparting knowledge, experience and expertise.


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