Megan Walker is the Director of Market Savvy, an agency of allied healthcare marketing specialists and health promoters. She holds three degrees, a masters in business marketing, and is a veteran ethical marketer with over 25 years experience in the healthcare industry. Thirteen years ago she started her own agency, and she now works with a variety of different healthcare organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

In this episode, Megan unpacks the differences between everyday general marketing and healthcare marketing, the relationship of tech tools and their pros and cons, shaking up the imposter syndrome, and why we shouldn’t try and be all things to all people. She believes the demand for allied healthcare in Australia is abundant and is passionate about teaching healthcare practitioners to market more efficiently and genuinely.


Key takeaways:

  1. Most marketing is very sales and finance-focused, which drives a certain set of behaviours. If everything is looked at through the lens of how to make money, it can lead to marketing content that can look unscrupulous.
  2. Healthcare has to centred around the patient or the client. So, instead of looking through the lens of sales and sales targets, we should instead be looking through the lens of people and people’s needs.
  3. Anything that connects you with your target audiences in meaningful ways is marketing.
  4. Healthcare is not about dealing with numbers, it’s about dealing with people and their lives. Marketing needs to be aligned with this, and to treat potential patients carefully, sensitively and with empathy.
  5. You don’t have to do a lot of different styles of marketing, you just have to find one that aligns with you.
  6. The customer journey starts before the clinical services are provided. If you have a clear sense of what path your future client is taking to get to you, you can have quality control in place to cater for those different journeys.
  7. Marketing doesn’t have to be confusing, it has to be genuine and practical. When you’re doing it properly and you’ve set up an effective marketing system, it only needs to take one to two hours a week.


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