Gaelene Adams Wood is the Managing Director and Business IMPACT Partner with Team Fusion International, a business leadership coaching group from New Zealand. They help business owners redefine meaning in business, relationships and life.

Gaelene is a leading expert on improving productivity in business through high-performance leadership coaching and creating high performing teams. In this episode, she shares how she drew from her personal experience as an employee working within teams to develop a better way to create and build inspired, empowered, engaged and high performing team cultures.


Key takeaways:

  1. Gaelene is a Business IMPACT Partner, Leadership Coach, Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, Personality Profiling Expert, Author and Team Performance Coach to Award Winning and multi Award Winning businesses and those who want to be the best in their industry.
  2. Team Fusion International can work with you to redefine your workforce, with a focus on bringing your team together in a quick, effective and sustainable way.
  3. The personal aspects of a business owner’s life can and likely will impact the culture with their team. In other words, their personal issues can unconsciously shape or negatively impact their team culture.


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