Dr Harro Stokman is the Founder & CEO of Kepler Vision Technologies, a company providing human activity recognition software to improve the well being of humans at night. Harro comes from a deep background in technology and after selling a successful technology business, decided to focus on an innovative use of AI and Machine Learning in the areas of human activity recognition. In this discussion, Harro explains what human activity recognition is, the type of healthtech involved and how it adds value in modern healthcare settings.


Key takeaways:

  1. Kepler Vision has optimised their Human Activity Recognition based on real-world settings in Aged Care using pre-existing CCTV cameras fed through Kepler Vision’s software.
  2. ‘Night Nurse’ programs serve as an advanced domotic system that keeps patients safe and reduces the stress and workload of staff in the elderly care space.
  3. If there is help needed, the nurse receives a message. Nurses can also look into automatically generated reports about the night rest of the clients, providing them with valuable information to help with care.


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